Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Albums: Holla At a Baker
Label: The Manor

Bakery Boys are a collective of London-based creatives with a passion for music, art & fashion.
Members of the collective are ‘Ace Boogie’ (circle of revenge) and designers behind streetwear brand Justin Hustlin – ‘Shack’ & ‘Dirty Dre.’

Bakery Boys vast talent spans across everything from music production & writing, to art, film & fashion.
This unique blend of fashion art and music, that ultimately intertwines in everything they produce, makes them a breath of fresh air in the UK music scene.

Bakery Boys mark the beginning of a new era in British music. Staying true to their art is paramount, focusing on maintaining artistic integrity over commercialisation.
Their conceptual ideas and fresh approach differentiate the collective from the rest of music industry, while their constant involvement in a variety of fashion and art projects leaves vast space for new developments and exciting ideas.

Bakery Boys are nothing like you have seen before, and they are here to stay.