Ekeno is a young talented musician from Tottenham, North London . He is becoming increasingly prominent within the world of UK rap .

He is well known for songs such as ‘Hate on me’ and ‘Catch me in Dichino’ along with many more.The way he mixes his vocals with a little bit of rap , is something special! Ekeno was born and raised in Austria. From a young age the love and interest  for music, had always circulated Ekenos mind. Even before moving to England.

He was very influenced by UK and US orientated music and even played instruments such as the piano, and guitar. However it was at the age of 13 when he decided to pursue his interest further.

“I saw a Rapper who goes by the name of DQ once, rapping at this play scheme I used to go to . I saw him rapping once and I liked the way he was flowing on a beat and instantly knew my the path. I wanted that to be me”.

To begin, Ekeno was introduced to a youth club which had a recording studio, allowing users to record their own music.This led him to release his first ever track in 2010- aged only 13. It showcased his talent to both sing and rap. A sound that makes Ekeno unique.